“Le Club Social Acadien”




Revised 1/1/2012




Article I


The Club shall be known as “Le Club Social Acadien“(Acadien Social Club)


The Acadien Social Club Goal is to work towards the advancement of all Acadien and Franco-Americans, regarding their Civil, Religious and Social needs.


The “Motto” for the Acadien Social Club is “Union, Charity and Fraternity”


The club shall have all of the power and enjoy all of the privileges granted by the laws of Massachusetts to corporations organized conformably to the requirements of Chapter 180, of General Laws and acts in amendment thereof and in addition thereto.

The club meetings will be guided by the Roberts Rules of Order.

The fiscal year shall be from July 1 to June 30 each year.



Article II


Board of Directors


1. The Board of Directors, shall consist of a President and nine Directors, all elected by the membership at its yearly election meeting held in the month of May.


2. Every year the President, and four or five Directors, shall be either replaced or re-elected.


3. The President is elected for a (1) one year term and the Directors for a (2) two year term.


4. All are exempt from paying their dues for the duration of their respective terms. The president and all Director’s with at least 10 years total service on the Board, shall be awarded, dues free lifetime membership with the club.  


5. Directors, including the president, are eligible to be elected indefinite.

 Any full member in good standing can run for a Board of Director position.


7. Any full member in good standing, may run for the President’s position, however, must have served a minimum of one year as a Board of Director.





Section 1


A Director, or the President, can be dismissed, or replaced for the following reasons by way of a 2/3 majority vote by the Board of Directors.


1. Upon the death of the Director, or the President.


2. If one is found guilty of conduct unbecoming of a Director, or President.


3. If one is absent for (3) three consecutive Directors, or membership meetings without valid reasons.



Section 2


The Following procedure will be used to replace a Director.


1. At the most recent election, the member who received the most votes then working in descending order, shall then be asked to fill the unexpired term.


2. Should no one accept the position, a new election shall be held within (60) sixty days.



Article III


Nominations and Elections


1. The President and Directors of the “Acadien Social Club” will be nominated at the April membership meeting each year. Elections for the President and Directors will take place no less than (3) weeks after the April membership meeting, however, the elections must be completed prior to the membership meeting that is scheduled in the month of June. Any person nominated for President, or Director, must be present to accept the nomination. If he is unable to be present to accept the nomination, a dated letter indicating his acceptance with his signature must be presented to the club Secretary, prior to the closing of nominations.


2. This meeting shall be noted on the bulletin board, in the club News Letter, and will appear in the local newspaper at least once each week, for (3) three consecutive weeks prior to the date of the scheduled meeting.


3. Nominations shall be taken from the floor, as well as by a nominating committee, consisting of (2) two Directors and (2) full members, which have been appointed by the President at the March membership meeting.



4. The President shall appoint a committee of members in good standing to conduct the election and balloting at this same meeting.


5. The voting shall be completed by way of a secret ballot. In the case of a tie for the last Directors position, the President will reserve his vote, to be used as the final vote in the event that a tie breaker is required.


6. The winners shall be announced at this same meeting, but will only assume their duties as of July 1st.



Article IV


Club Officers


The newly elected President, of the “Acadien Social Club” will each year, by the fourth (4th) of July, appoint the following officers for a one year term, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplain and Treasurer from the duly elected board of directors.


All officers must be duly elected Directors, except for the Treasurer, who could be any member in good standing.



Article V


The Board of Directors duties and responsibilities are as follows.


1. They are responsible for monitoring of all financial, material, and social needs of the club, with certain reservations, as may be noted, elsewhere in the By-Laws.


2. All their actions, shall be subject to approval, or amended by a membership’s meeting, and can only be rejected by a 2/3 vote.


3. They shall watch over, and assist all permanent and special committees appointed by the President.


4. They shall act as Grand Tribunal, in the case of an accusation against any member in good standing, and also have the power to impose the penalties as noted in Article XI Section 9 concerning “Suspension”


5. In the case of an emergency concerning the properties, or non-constitutional By-Laws of the club, they are allowed to take appropriate action, however they are required to complete a report at the next membership meeting to be accepted or amended but can only be rejected by a 2/3 majority vote.


6. They shall study any suggestion or motion made at a membership meeting in order to accept or amend them, but can only reject them by a 2/3 majority vote.


7. They shall hire, and, or dismiss all employees of the club at their discretion.


8. They shall not spend more than $1000.00 in the name of the club, without the Finance Committee overseeing the expenditures of such funds, with the exception of alcohol purchases and emergency repairs to the club.



Article VI


The Board of Directors meeting shall be held at least once a month. The date and time shall be set by a majority vote. The quorum shall consist of at least, 5 Directors, and all minutes of these meetings shall be taken by the secretary or designee.

In the absence of the President, the Vice President will preside. In the absence of both, the Secretary will open the session, and the meeting will name a presiding officer for that meeting only. In the absence of all those mentioned above, and with a quorum, the meeting will name a presiding officer for that meeting only.



Article VII


The Membership meeting shall be held at least 10 times per year, but not more than once each month. The time and date are to be set by the majority.

The quorum shall consist of at least 5 Directors, at least one of them an officer, and ten members in good standing, and all minutes of these meetings shall be taken by the secretary, or designee at the membership meeting. The minutes of the previous membership meeting will be read and accepted or amended.


During the membership meeting, all of the chambers of the club shall remain inactive.


Any members on the premises shall attend the meeting, or leave the grounds until the meeting is over.


Violations of the by-law will be enforced by the Sergeant at Arms.


All questions discussed at these meetings, shall not be dissolved or discussed, outside of the club. Any member or officer guilty of such action may be subject to suspension per Article XI Section 9.


Notice of these meetings shall be noted on the club bulletin board, as well as in the local newspaper.


Article VIII


Special meetings must be called, and presided by the President, either at the request of the Board of Directors or by a petition in writing, from the membership, and signed by at least (3) three Directors, and (10) ten members, in good standing, or no Director, but at least 15 members in good standing.


The quorum shall consist of at least (5) five Directors, and (1) one Officer, and (10) ten members in good standing.


No other business shall be transacted at these meetings. Any previous motion made at either a Board of Directors or membership meeting, may be amended, but can never be rejected by this special meeting.


This special meeting shall be noted on the club bulletin board and local newspaper at least (3) three days prior to date being held.



Article IX


Duties of the Officers


Section 3


The President with the full support of the Board of Directors, and the Membership, shall see that all of the properties and By-Laws of the Club are upheld at all times.


Has general supervision power, over all of the affairs concerning the club, except where such power is vested else-where in the By-Laws.


Shall preside over all of the Board of Director’s, Membership, and special meetings, with rights of the deciding vote, on any question before the meetings.


Shall see that the order of procedure is maintained at these meetings, decide on who has the right to the floor, and maintain harmony at all times. He also has the power to expel any member, or Director, whom is out of order, for that meeting only.


Shall, put all motions to a vote.


Shall, appoint all members of all permanent committees, or any other committees, as requested by any meeting, also designating the chairman, of these respective committees.


The President is also a member “ex-officio” of all committees, and will try to appoint an equal number of Directors, and members, to these various committees. In the case of a vacancy, he can appoint any officer “pro-tem” in order to conduct business.


Shall, approve all correspondence sent out, or received in the name of the club.


Shall, approve, unless objection from the floor, all readings of the minutes of all previous meetings, without motion required. The President shall sign and date all documentation from the minutes of the previous month’s meetings.


In order to control the length of meetings, the President must remind the membership, that no one, has right to more than one discussion, and one rebuttal, on any question on the floor.



Section 4


The Vice President shall assist the President in maintaining order in the club at all times.


In the official absence of the President, he shall replace him in presiding, and exercising all of the powers of the office of the President, and perform all of the duties, which may be required during such absence.


Shall, be the installing officer, for all new members that have been voted in at membership meeting.



Section 5


The Secretary shall be in charge of all records, documents, formal statements, and all other paper matters concerning the club.


Shall take, in writing, the minutes of all meetings of the club, and make a report of the minutes, for the next respective meeting.


At all meetings, will make the required roll call of the Directors.


Shall, do the reading of all communications, applications and reinstallations.


Shall send out, and receive, all correspondences concerning the club, for the Board of Directors, or any committee appointed by the President.


Shall, notify any Director, or member, in writing, concerning a suspension, replacement or of a dismissal.


Shall, notify all new applicants, whether accepted, or rejected, and notify them of the scheduled time for their initiation into membership, and/or return their monies, if the application has been rejected.


Shall, pass on to his successor, all of the books, papers, and properties of the club concerning his office.


Shall, jointly process membership dues, with the Treasurer.



Section 6


The Treasurer will receive all monies, received from the dues, applications, Re-installations or any other source, concerning the club.


Shall deposit, and provide receipts, for all of the monies received, at the bank, which was designated by Board of Directors.


Shall, pay by check, all bills contracted by the club, and approved by the Finance Committee, and the membership meeting.


Shall, maintain a petty cash of an amount set by the Board of Directors.


Shall, give a monthly financial report at all membership meetings, except when the books are in the hands of the club auditor.


Shall, jointly process membership dues, with the Secretary.


Shall, submit all his books, at the request of the Finance Committee, for auditing.


Shall, pass on to his successor, all his books, records, and properties of the club, concerning his office.



Section 7


The Chaplain shall recite the prayers before, and after the meetings.


 He will lead in an appropriate prayer, at all funeral home visitations.



Article X


The Permanent Committees


All committees shall be appointed every year by the new President; any member can be reappointed or replaced.


These committees are without authority to contract on behalf of the club, unless authorized to do so, by the Board of Directors.



Section 8

The Bar Committee, shall consist of at least 3 full members, preferably having one of them, a non bartender. 
They shall be in charge of all monies of the store, employees, petty cash, rentals of the hall, and in turn remit these to the Treasurer.

They shall approve all bills contracted in the name of the club and pass them on to the Treasurer.

At any time when requested by either, the President, Board of Directors, a membership meeting or a special meeting, they shall have the books audited by others or do it themselves.

All their actions are subject to approval by the Board of Directors

                                                                     Section 9

The Bar Manager
is required to be a full member.


The Bar Manager, shall be in charge and watch over all store properties and merchandise, keep an inventory of same and do the purchasing, or authorize others to place the order.


The bar manager, shall be directly in charge of all full-time, and part-time employees of the store, and use as many as they deem necessary.


The Bar Manager, will use all employees with equal justice, authorize all of their hours, and turn these in to the Treasurer for payment.


The Bar Manager, shall take all applications for employment, and submit them to the Board of Directors for final approval.


All employees, shall be accountable for their individual ‘petty cash” and all monies received during their hours on duty, to the Bar Manager.


All employees shall be accountable for all store properties, and merchandise, to the Bar Manager.


All employees shall be responsible for the proper registering of all visitors.



Section 10


The Building Committee shall consist of 3 members.


They shall be in charge of upkeep, and repair of all properties of the club, except where stated otherwise in the By-Laws.


In the case of an emergency, they can take any action they deem necessary, and spend monies required to temporarily correct the condition. They must make a report to the Board of Directors as soon as possible.



Section 11


The Scholarship Committee shall consist of 3 members for a three year term.


The Committee shall be in charge of administering the scholarship fund(s) established by the club, beginning June 15, 1959.


1. A one year, $1,500.00 or fewer funds is granted every year, payable in (2) installments, in the amount of $750.00 or less, made out to the school and the student, and is to be used for educational purpose, only.

2. It is non-transferable and is payable directly to the school attended by the Recipient and the student after verification of the bill, from the school, by at least two members of the Committee.

3. A scholarship year runs from September 1 of the winning year to August 31 of the following year.

4. Those eligible for this fund are, all children of members in good standing, legal guardian, including legally adopted children. Grandchildren of members in good standing may apply, only if the father is deceased and providing that they reside within the Greater Gardner Area. Other considerations may apply, which are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

5. These members must have been in good standing for at least two years, preceding the date of their application for the funds.

6. Also eligible are children of a deceased member who qualified, for at least two consecutive years before his death as a member in good standing and for as long as the widow does not re-marry.

7. Application must be made the same year the student is graduating from high school.

8. The student must fill in application furnished by the club and return same before the deadline of midnight April 15 that same year.

9. Each application must be reviewed and signed by at least two members of the Committee, before being presented at the month of May’s regular membership meeting.

10. The drawing will be made at the Membership’s monthly meeting of May that same year, by a system of chances approved by the meeting, and the actual drawing of names done by a member in good standing who does not have any children competing at this drawing.

11. All applications shall be numbered in their respective order of drawing. Number one will be declared the winner, number two as first substitute, number 3 as second substitute, etc.

12. The winner must be continuing his education in the same year he has won the funds

13. In case of unexpected illness, military forced service (federal draft), or any other reason, judged valid by the Committee, the winner is unable to begin his studies that same year, then the Committee, with the Board of Directors, will study and evaluate each case, and present their recommendation at the next membership’s meeting for final disposition.

14. The same above procedure will prevail, if a recipient of the funds, should decide to abandon his studies, neglect his studies in a serious manner, or conduct himself in a fashion unbecoming of an average student.

15. If the winner of the funds relinquishes his rights to the fund at any time, is unable to continue as a recipient, or is deprived of the privilege of the funds, before 50% has been allocated in his name, then the balance of the particular scholarship shall be passed on the number one substitute of that same drawing; if he relinquishes it, then it is awarded to the number two substitute, etc.

16. All of the actions of this Committee are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.



Section 12


The Kitchen Committee shall consist of 3 members, and shall be food safe certified, which will be paid for by the club.


They shall be in charge of all kitchen facilities and equipment kept under lock and key.


In an emergency, they can, with the president of the Club’s approval, purchase any kitchen equipment they deem necessary, and they must file a report of the purchase to the Board of Directors.





Section 13


 The Finance Committee appointed by the President, will consist of three (3) full club members in good standing. All expenditures up to $2000.00 will be brought before the Finance Committee for approval.

The Finance Committee will be responsible for reviewing and auditing the Club expenditures, on a random basis at least two (2) times a year.



Article XI




Section 1


Any, Acadien or Franco-American male, having a French mother or French father is eligible for full membership. The candidate for membership must have a good reputation, preferably a practicing Catholic, meeting the age limit allowable by the By-Laws at the time, and having been a resident of the U.S.A. for at least the last preceding 90 days.



Section 2


The Quota for membership in the Club is limited to 600.



Section 3


The Application Form, supplied by the Club, must be used by the applicant to apply for membership. The Application Form must be countersigned by at least two members in good standing and be accompanied by their dues for the year as set by the Board of Directors.



Section 4


Approval for Membership

The Board of Directors will review all applicant(s) for membership into the Acadien Social Club. The review will insure qualifications, such as full or associate member, and other qualification as specified in Section 1, membership.



Upon approval by the Board of Directors, the applicant(s) will be referred to a regularly scheduled membership meeting, no sooner than (6) six weeks for their approval. The majority of those present at this meeting will vote by signifying yes or no.



Section 5




All new applicants accepted, may be initiated at that same meeting, at a later meeting, or at an arranged time in the office set by the Board of Directors, with at least three Directors present. Regardless how, the initiation must be done no later than 180 days after acceptance. In any event he can always request to be reinstated at a later date per Article XI, Section 10.



Section 6


Dues and Arrears


The dues of the Club shall be an amount set by the Board of Directors in the month of June every year, and payable annually by January 31st. Club members with unpaid dues, after January 31st, will be required to pay an additional penalty that is set by the Board of Directors. All members that have not paid their dues, including the penalty by April 1st, will be dropped from the roster, and lose there membership with the club. Any member losing their membership for non-payment of the annual dues will be required to re-apply in the same manner as any new member.



Section 7


Rights and Benefits


1. All full members in good standing have the right to vote on all questions, concerning the Club, except if noted differently, elsewhere in the By-Laws.


2. They can be nominated and elected to the Board of Directors, and be appointed to a permanent committee or other committees.


3. They have full rights to all privileges and benefits of the Club.


4. If an accusation of wrong doing is made against a Member, they have the right to plead their innocence before the Board of Directors.If not satisfied with the Board’s decision, they may request to go before a meeting of the full membership.



Section 8


Duties and Obligations


1. All members shall strive towards the good and continued progress of the Club.


2. They shall be obliged to report any infraction of the rules and By-Laws of the Club, to whoever is legally in charge at the time or to the Board of Directors as soon as possible.


3. They shall refrain from using foul language in all Club quarters.


4. They shall, if requested by the one legally in charge at the time, give support and assistance if required, in maintaining order and decorum in the Club.



Section 9




Any member of the Club, conducting himself, in a manner unbecoming a member in good standing, can be subject to the following suspensions, by either the Board of Directors, or a membership’s meeting.


 Temporary Suspension:  A temporary suspension, means for duration of at least one month, but not more than six months. During which time, the member is still liable for the payment of his dues.  The individual is without rights to any usage of Club facilities during the suspension.


Indefinite Suspension:  Indefinite Suspension means, for an undetermined amount of time, but for not less than two years, he shall be unconditionally dropped from the ranks.

At a later date, he could become eligible for reinstallation as per Article XI, Section 10.



Section 10




A dismissed or dropped member, will be treated as a new member, and may be re-instated, by filling out a new membership application, as per section 3 of Article XI.



Section 11


Military Service


Any member in good standing, entering the military service, shall conserve his rights to vote and use of all Club facilities for the duration of his service, and shall be exempt from paying his dues during this time.

Upon his return from his military duty, after being honorably discharged, he shall have a 90 day grace period, after which time he must resume the payment of his dues.



Section 12


Sickness Benefits


 If a full member’s condition continues for six (6) months or longer, they will be exempt from paying their dues for the duration of this specific condition.  Each case will be reviewed for approval by the Board of Directors.



Section 13


Deceased Members


1. All Club members in good standing for at least six (6) months shall receive the following benefits at the time of their death.


2. A Mass for an amount set by the Board of Directors.


3. A visit to the Mortuary Home by a Club delegation if possible, with the recital of an appropriate prayer by the Club Chaplain.


4. A delegation of club members, if possible, at the funeral services and the cemetery.


5. Free use of club hall immediately following the funeral for a family gathering if desired.


6. Any wife of a deceased member may continue to use the chambers of the Club until she remarries. Her new husband must apply for membership.


7. The club sends a flower arrangement to the funeral home in recognition of the deceased member.



Section 14


Retired and Totally Disabled


A member at least sixty (60) years of age in good standing, with ten (10) years of consecutive membership, who is retired or totally disabled, receiving Social Security benefits for the same, will be exempt from paying the regular dues and retain all the rights of a regular member.



Section 15


Honorary Members


1. All honorary members will pay no dues, have rights to usage of Club facilities, but no right to vote or discussion, and may speak only at the request of the President or membership.



Article XII


Visitors to the Club


1. Any member in good standing may bring to the club, any person living outside the Greater Gardner Area, as a visitor, but the visitor is limited to no more than 10 visits per calendar year.


2. At each visit, he must sign the visitors register. This will give him the right to use all chambers of the Club, except those reserved for members only.


3. All visitors that live within the Greater Gardner Area, are allowed only (3) visits per calendar year.


4.The member, who is bringing in a guest as a visitor, accepts full responsibility for eactions of the        visitor.



Article XIII


Associate Members


1. Any male, who is not eligible for full membership, and recommended by at least two (2) other members, in good standing, may apply for Associate membership by filling out an application form and paying one (1) year dues with the application.


2. This application shall be processed in the same manner as for regular membership.


3. If accepted, the applicant becomes an associate member and will enjoy all the privileges of the Club.


4. They shall be sworn in at a members meeting and may attend any general membership meeting but may not vote, make a motion before the Board of Directors or run for an elected position.



Article XIV


Disbanding of the Club


1. The club may be disbanded, because it is financially required to file bankruptcy.


2. If the membership roll drops below 100 members for a continuous period of at least two (2) years.


3. If all assets of Club monies and properties diminish to a value of less than $100,000.00.


4. The following method must be used to disband the Club. The Club Secretary shall notify, by way of calling for a special meeting to dissolve the Club.


5. At least three quarters (2/3) of those present at the disbanding meeting, shall have to vote in favor of the disbanding, by way of holding a secret ballot vote.





Article XV


Amending and changing the By-Laws or Constitution


1. Amendments or changes must be presented to at least three (3) consecutive membership or special meetings with discussion allowed at the third reading only.


2. At the third (3.) meeting or at a follow-up special meeting, the voting for acceptance or rejection will be taken.


3. If accepted, these amendments or changes will go into effect immediately and also must be registered in the By-Laws.


4. Each of these meetings must be noted on the Club bulletin board and local newspaper.


5. Any amendments or changes to the By-Laws or constitution cannot be changed for a period of not less than three (3) years.



Article XVI


Indispensable By-Laws


1. The Name of the Club


2. The Goal of the Club


3. The Disbanding of the Club



Article XVII


Renting of the Hall


1. The rental rates shall be set by the Board of Directors.


2. They will also set special rates for charitable functions.








Article XVIII


General Rules


1. The opening and closing hours of the Club chambers, and the bar, shall be determined by the Board of Directors, and can never be in conflict with the civil law.


2. They shall also add, or update, from time to time, any other house rules that may be deemed necessary, for the proper operation of the Club.


3. They shall maintain an updated list of these house rules, at a convenient location in Club chambers, for the benefit of the Club membership, as well as a copy of the By-Laws.















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